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WRNA Journal Collection - Facilitator Guides

WRNA Journal Collection - Facilitator Guides

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The Women’s Risk Needs Assessment (WRNA) represents the only suite of peer-reviewed risk/need instruments designed by and for system-impacted women. The WRNA helps staff, and the women they supervise, identify clients’ criminogenic needs while better understanding their strengths. The instrument facilitates case planning to appropriate gender-responsive programs to address women’s specific needs, which is crucial to reducing women’s recidivism and improving the lives of women and their families. The Change Companies’ WRNA Collection is a collection of gender-responsive curriculum interventions that directly align with the WRNA domains. Endorsed by Dr. Emily Salisbury, one of the WRNA’s original creators, this collection can help professionals collaboratively develop comprehensive, individualized service plans that effectively address the unique needs of the women they serve.

This set includes the following Facilitator Guides:

Women's Criminal Thinking (Antisocial Attitudes)
Women's Career Exploration (Employment/Financial)
Women's Financial Literacy (Employment/Financial)
Women's How I Connect with Others (Antisocial Friends)
Women's Anger Management (Anger/Hostility)
Trauma in Life (Child Abuse, PTSD)
Women's My Closest Relationships (Adult Abuse, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Relationship Difficulties)
Women's Connecting with Family (Family Conflict, Relationship Difficulties (survey))
Strengthening My Parenting Skills (Parental Stress (survey), Parental Involvement)
• Safe Bet (Gambling)

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