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BRAVE Facilitator Guide Complete Set

BRAVE Facilitator Guide Complete Set

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The BRAVE Program is designed for individuals who are experiencing incarceration for the first time. It shows participants how to make the time of incarceration an experience of positive learning and growth, and helps individuals develop healthy values, focus on appropriate behaviors and create a plan for the future. Facilitator Guides in this set include:

• The BRAVE Community Facilitator Guide
• Understanding My Thinking Facilitator Guide
• Living a Prosocial Lifestyle Facilitator Guide
• Strengthening My Relationships Facilitator Guide
• Success Strategies Facilitator Guide

BRAVE Facilitator Guides feature miniature versions of the BRAVE Journal pages with facilitation instructions, participant activities and opportunities for skill-building and application. The Facilitator Guides also feature additional resources and research on relevant topics in the BRAVE Program.

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