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ASAM Criteria Implementation Guide

ASAM Criteria Implementation Guide

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The ASAM Criteria Implementation Guide (the Guide) helps programs improve quality of care in manageable increments aligned with each program’s unique goals and challenges. It uses the ASAM Principles to describe characteristics that should be common to all treatment programs and serve as parameters for flexibility, while The ASAM Criteria functions as a model for the expected specifics of care and of care delivery.

The Guide uses the Network for Improvement of Addiction Treatment (NIATx) model for process improvement as a tool to help treatment programs and systems improve care and find a balance between fidelity to standards and the flexibility to meet the needs of patients. ASAM chose NIATx as its approach to implementing The ASAM Criteria for the Guide because it is a tested, proven model of quality improvement (QI) in addiction treatment programs. Straightforward and using familiar tools, the NIATx process quickly produces observable results, which can be tested for quality and create a competitive advantage. Use of the Guide and tools provided will produce a record to justify decisions and to support dissemination of the changes your program or system adopt to implement The ASAM Criteria and to achieve the ASAM Principles.

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