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Traumatic Stress Facilitator Guide - Men's

Traumatic Stress Facilitator Guide - Men's

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The corresponding Traumatic Stress & Resilience Facilitator Guide is a resource for providers assisting participants through their steps toward personal change. It includes miniature pages of the Participant Journal, highlighting key content from every page. Suggested facilitation strategies and group activities are also provided, allowing facilitators to effectively structure group discussions.

Support your facilitation by...

  • providing extra educational information to supplement Journal content
  • highlighting key content information within Participant Journal pages
  • implementing suggested group activities and facilitation strategies for each topic
  • adding real-life examples where suggested to increase the relevancy of content
  • harnessing over 30 different strategies to increase participant engagement and curriculum fidelity

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Facilitator Guides cannot be purchased alone unless you have previously purchased the corresponding Interactive Journal(s).

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