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Each pad includes 25 pages

Compatible with DSM-IV-TR and the ASAM PPC-2R, OAARS is a brief, practical outcome assessment tool. It provides relevant longitudinal data that documents improvements or progress throughout the treatment episode.

Key measures of initial outcomes including completion status for the initial phase of the program and engagement and recovery status during three and six months of aftercare or maintenance services are documented.

Useful as a management and marketing tool to document treatment effectiveness.

Helpful in conducting basic treatment outcome evaluations for adult and adolescent programs. Useful in exploring differential treatment responses based on client characteristics or treatment placement.

Serves as time sensitive outcome monitoring and documentation resource.

Provides brief rating scales on key characteristics related to treatment planning and progress.

Objectively documents treatment completion rates and monitors continuing engagement and recovery. Offers options for staff to conduct basic statistical summaries on the findings or for working with research experts.

Your OAARS kit includes:
- OAARS manual
- A package of 50 OAARS tools
- Reporting tables
- Tabulation Sheets
- Complementary electronic version of reporting tables and tabulation sheets

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