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Each Pad includes 25 Assessments 

Triage Assessment for Addictive Disorders-5

The TAAD-5 is a brief structured interview designed to identify current alcohol and drug problems. This 10-minute assessment tool covers all DSM-5 criteria for substance use disorders. It offers high internal reliability. The TAAD-5 produces alcohol and drug use disorders profiles similar to those of more time intensive instruments.

A technician or paraprofessional can administer the TAAD-5 for interpretation by a qualified professional. A scoring summary is incorporated into each instrument and can be completed in 2-3 minutes.


  • Any situation requiring fast, initial discrimination between a likely substance use disorder or no diagnosis.
  • Ideal for preliminary triage to determine if a treatment referral or intake assessment is indicated.
  • Other settings for use include:
    • a quick initial assessment of DUI/DWI offenders.
    • initial EAP assessments, mental health clinics, primary care settings or emergency rooms.
    • initial field assessments by child protection, welfare workers or other social service providers.


  • Offers a quick assessment of current substance use disorder criteria.
  • Provides support for substance use disorder diagnoses in minutes.
  • Documents negative findings for those individuals who do not see problems.

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